Well hello there!

Welcome to my website and my panoramic splashbacks, I’m so glad you stopped by. It’s so important to me that I really connect with the wonderful people I photograph for. It’s a creative collaboration and that process starts with you. Photography is not just about taking well posed pictures in nice light.

Photography is about telling a story. A story for you. The story of your life, your favourite place, your favourite view.

I love telling a story with photography. Over the years I have shot portraits of people, animals, even snakes! I’ve worked with large companies producing websites, marketing material and annual reports. But it’s my intense desire to be outdoors photographing the landscape that really wakes me up each day. 

That desire is your opportunity. I realised some time ago that we can’t always be outside at our little farm, our beach house or looking at our favourite view, but… we can bring that view home with us, inside, so we can always have it near.

I can help you create the most personal and beautiful image for your splashback, wall, bathroom, so you can escape there. Don’t worry about choosing colours that will suit - I have an eye for this. Don’t worry about researching quality of product and installation for splashbacks - I’ve done this for you. Don’t worry about what size might look best on a specific wall - I will help you.

Together we can make this happen. It all starts with you… and a little bit of me. So if you would like to find out more information or set up a time to meet or have a coffee just fill in the form below. I’d be delighted to meet you and get creative together.

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